Example of our work

The Skills Lab creates and delivers a range of programmes for organisations. Below are are few examples.

Character Skills Programme for Schools

The Character Skills Programme provides a shift in culture around thinking and talking about soft skills. In essence, it provides metrics on key soft skills which are used to provide feedback to children to help them develop their skills further.

We worked with psychologist and other exerts to draw on the latest research to develop an evidence based character development programme which can be easily rolled out after an initial training session. The training session guides teachers through the research, rationale and tool kits.

We are also developing a more intensive programme for pupils with high ACE (adverse childhood experiences)

For more of our thoughts on character skills please read our character blogs.

Leadership Impact Projects

active inquiryWe have a set of programmes for aspiring and established leaders to deliver projects of organisational value and in so doing develop and demonstrate their skills.

We use creative problem solving techniques from corporate and social innovation within an active inquiry framework to help employees re-frame organisational challenges, conceive, develop, deliver and evaluate change projects. We support skills development by creating reflective practice and group-learning culture.

We can scale up or down any element of the programme to suit clients’ needs.

Communication Skills

Photo 26-02-2015 00 32 34We train people in communication by improving practical skills.  We film and feedback. Then we visit the workplace and see the skills being used in situ.  Our overall approach is rooted in activity rather than theory, although we do cover speaking in threes, audience tracking and the physiology of communication.

We have developed Communication Skills programmes for a number of work forces including manual contract workers to graduate trainees.