Examples of work with National Bodies

B-Learning Project

The Skills Lab are working with the Latvian Education Ministry and other national bodies, non-governmental organisations, research and/or education, training institutions in Latvia, Austria, Cyprus and the UK to develop a Blended Learning Tool kit. This project is funded by the European Union.

“B-Learning” Project will initially research Blended Learning Best Practice. This know-how will help identify a strategy to allow schools to successfully combine physical and virtual classroom bringing together technology, pedagogy and content. A Toolkit will be developed to help schools organise teaching and learning more meaningfully and appropriate for learning needs in the 21st century school.

The Skills Lab is responsible for the development of the Toolkit and will lead the joint staff workshop for B-Learning professional development and program development.

Find out more about the project here or here for the external link


Advise and Consultancy

Below are some examples of work undertaken with National Bodies.

    • Working with British Foreign Office for meetings in Argentina (April 2015);
    • Argentine conference with Argentine ed ministry in (October 2014);
    • Conference for Dulwich Schools in Asia in Seoul in (May 2014);
    • Advice to various Education Bureaus in China (ongoing since 2011);
    • Advice to Latvian Education Ministry;
    • Advice to British Council in Egypt re education;
    • Advice to Russian authorities on school design; and
    • Plaza Building Design in Austria, Greece, Qatar.

Chris speaking at a conference in China