What we do

The Skills Lab is an Innovations Consultancy which facilitates cultural change that allows people to develop soft-skills needed to learn, work and lead happy lives.

We work in systems and organisational contexts. We advice, consult, design and deliver training programmes and cultural change projects. We use various methods, tools and frameworks and where appropriate will adapts or develop bespoke solutions.

Building on the principle that people develop skills with increased self-awareness through feedback system, we help organisations redesign their approach to management and employee engagement based on collaborative methodologies.  We can quantify potential savings by using this approach in terms of more positive relationships, declining stress levels and increased productivity.

In the education sphere we help schools with an Ofsted ‘requirement to improve’ or ‘inadequate’ rating improve their performance by focusing on pupil and staff skills’ development.

Work with Governments

We consult and advised on Education Policy and System change in a number of capacities and forums.

We are developing a simple three point programmes for educational improvement which utilise short time spans with each simple plan building on the framework that we put in place.  We don’t use jargon and explain some of the theoretical underpinnings of our thinking in simple terms.

We can help improve PISA performance too by focusing on both teacher training and establishing small management organisations to see our programme through.

Work with Organisations

Depending on our clients needs we use a blend of Instructional System DesignAction Research, and Design Thinking methodologies to assist organisation’s in the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of training and cultural change programmes. We can help organisation’s develop Theory of Change models. Our approach is collaborative and we provide tools and frameworks for all aspects of this work.

Depending on the clients needs, we can run one off workshops for each element or package them up into a series of workshops or development programmes. See some examples of our programmes