Powerful Learning

Powerful Learning Tool

The Powerful Learning tool providing lesson observation feedback on the quality of learning. It is a non-confrontational analytic tool which shifts the emphasis from teacher action to pupil action.

In it’s most simple form it is a weighted ‘scorecard’ which an observer will use to look at pupil actions in order to provide some proxy measured for the quality of the learning that is taking place. It has been developed using a constructivist philosophy to education as well as other indicators we have seen to have impact from our own experience as educators.

Each class is unique. What works in one class with one teacher may not work for another. Great teachers are adaptable and will create powerful learning experiences to match the ability, interest and skill level of their pupils. Powerful learning is evident in what pupils do and achieve, yet typically when lessons are observed it is far too easy to focus on what the teacher is doing.

The accountability framework in the UK is shifting ever increasingly to focus exclusively on pupil progress and outcomes, and away from any prescribed or expected teacher actions.

At a classroom level, the capture of student actions and achievement provides the opportunity for teachers to reflect on the quality of the learning environment and have a coaching conversation on actions they can take to improve their learning. The explicit shift in emphasis provides the space for teachers to consider a range of ways they can improve the quality of their instruction and tasks that will students to achieve better outcomes.

This tool is currently available in a ‘beta’ form. We are looking for schools to pilot and test the tool. To find out more about to get involved contact us at info@theskillslab.com