What we do

Metrics and Business Intelligence Systems


Businesses use intelligence systems to understand and target their customers. It is rare for schools to undertake such work. However we show that it is possible. We start with the design of a process and recognise that Business Intelligence is not simply about installing software. Instead it is a significant cultural change programme. We design such programmes and run them too if required. We start by engaging with school communities to enable them to identify children at risk of not being successful either academically or socially. We look at how such risk might be quantified and how it can be reduced to enable greater resilience.

Using these systems we enable schools to build intelligent insights for the managers both internally and externally. Our approach does not need expensive software to undertake all of this – although we can supply that. Instead it focuses on developing simple techniques that teachers and school leaders can use to sustain the acquisition and utilisation of insights and intelligence derived from data.