B-Learning Project


The Skills Lab has teamed up national bodies, non-governmental organisations, research and/or education, training institutions in Latvia, Austria, Cyprus and the UK, in a European Union funded project, to develop a Blended Learning toolkit.

The digital revolution is transforming the way children and young people play, access information, communicate with each other and learn. However, teaching and learning in the classroom has not changed much. Teachers are facing dilemma – on the one hand they cannot ignore existence of new technologies and continue teaching as they have done so far; on the other hand, they lack methods how to transform traditional teaching and learning, and how to equip students with competencies necessary for their future life.

The teacher quality is characterised by their pedagogical abilities which needs to be improved continuously. Schools are realising that their students’ learning outcomes include not only literacy and numeracy, but also outcomes such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, creating partnerships and building effective teams.

Blended learning is relatively new and over the last decade differently interpreted concept and approach to education providing useful synthesis of innovative learning methods.

“B-Learning” Project will initially research Blended Learning Best Practice. This know-how will help identify a strategy to allow schools to successfully combine physical and virtual classroom bringing together technology, pedagogy and content. A Toolkit will be developed to help schools organise teaching and learning more meaningfully and appropriate for learning needs in the 21st century school.

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